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Corporation Name:STR International Corp.
Business Hours:09:00-18:00 Mon. to Fri.


STR International Corporation, founded in April 2003, is a trading and technical consulting company based in Taipei, Taiwan, with partnership nationwide and worldwide. STR has her focus on importing and exporting products from high and advanced technologies for a wide range of diverse applications. As an importer, STR actively seeks for good and new products from Europe and the States. And, as an exporter, STR regularly promotes Taiwanese products, via her partnership network in Europe and the States, in searching for suitable distributors or final customers, worldwide.

Based upon previous professional experience, STR has accumulated and developed strong and profound capability specialized in many different fields of interest in the past few years, such as solar energy, nanotechnology application, laser technology in dental application, IT security system, antivirus/firewall software, environmental planning and management, environmental monitoring, robot, and etc. Please visit our product links on this website. STR is striving to distribute high-quality European and American products to Taiwan and other Asian countries. In the mean time, STR is also determined to promote excellent Taiwanese products worldwide, through her international partnership network.

In today’s world, it is too difficult to catch up with the development of new, high and advanced technologies. And, there are many new and hi-tech products invented and presented to the market, every day. It becomes a huge, time-consuming and costly task in exploring for appropriate products to fulfill your needs. STR is here to provide you with professional services.

To avoid all the troubles and difficulties arose from long distance communications and cultural discrepancies, more and more manufacturers, with medium size, in Europe and worldwide, are also expecting and seeking for localized distribution partnership (foreign distributor with office in Europe) while exploring into foreign market, in addition to direct contact to foreign distributor. STR is the one to cooperate with and work together. STR will build up a concrete, reliable, trusty and prosperous cooperative relationship with you.

STR is continuously concentrating on establishing international partnership network with contact windows and sales channels, every day, in order to facilitate you to achieve successful and fruitful business revenue and future prosperity. STR is willing to share the enormous burden of manufacturers, and assist the distributors in promoting more and more products, with STR’s professional experience. Take this advantage provided by STR and team up with STR to create mutually beneficial partnership.

services: ESA AMESA System ,PV inverter,EV,Laser device,X-ray device,Battery,PVmodule

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Merchandise Shipping:Postal Delivery
Payment:Credit Card
Service Zone:China, S-E Asia, Japan & Korea, Europe,


Address:Room B, 4F, No. 48-1, Sec. 2, Shuang-Shih Rd, Banciao City, Taipei

STR International Corp.
Address:Room B, 4F, No. 48-1, Sec. 2, Shuang-Shih Rd, Banciao City, Taipei

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MTR JIANGZICUI station Exit 4. 10 minutes by walk.